Speed & Agility

This program focuses on using proper mechanics to maximize performance while preventing injuries that keep you sidelined. Each session you will learn different aspects of speed and agility such as acceleration, deceleration, flexibility, balance, first step power, and more. Training can be non-sport specific or customized for any of the following sports: basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer, volleyball, football and lacrosse.  Great for staying sharp in the off season or keeping you in top form for your current sport.

Call 513-518-0274 for additional information about packages and scheduling.

Individual: Private, personalized instruction for an athlete who wants to achieve maximum gains in the areas of speed, agility, strength and power.

Small group: semi-private instruction for athletes with similar goals who want to share one training time.  Max 3 kids per session.

Team training: Bring the whole team for a speed and agility workout that is tailored to their specific goals.  Training available for basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer, volleyball, football and lacrosse.